Named after one of the nine goddesses of music, song and dance, Clio™ is thin, curved, clear and beautiful. Enjoy room-filling panoramic sound and the freedom of wireless connectivity with the first décor-friendly speaker that uses Edge Motion® technology to disappear into the aesthetic of any room or style.

Clear Sounds Beautiful™

See How Clio™ Will Change How You Experience Audio.

The First Invisible Home Stereo Speaker - Fits Any Room. Any Style.

Clio™ is a stylistic fit for any interior design because it produces sound from an ultra-thin, transparent, and gracefully curved acrylic glass membrane. Unlike traditional speakers that visually compromise the aesthetic of a room or expensive embedded in-wall speakers that are difficult to install and quickly become obsolete, Clio delivers décor-friendly audio straight out of the box.

Panoramic Room-Filling Sound - From a 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

Unlike traditional cone speakers that push sound waves in one direction, Clio™ surrounds you with rich and clear stereo sound driven from both sides of the speaker. Place it anywhere and enjoy a 360° sound experience.

Enhances Music, Movies and Games – Wireless Bluetooth® Connectivity

With built-in wireless Bluetooth connectivity, Clio™ gives you the freedom to place it just where you want it, and move it from one location to another, without the clutter of unsightly speaker wires. Clio™ wirelessly streams audio from your mobile smartphone, tablet, or any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Edge Motion® Technology

Learn About the Innovation Behind the First Nearly Invisible Speaker.

Optically clear acrylic glass stereo transducer
Dipole transducer produces sound from both sides
Force from each actuator creates piston-like motion on both sides of transducer
Proprietary left and right channel piezo-electric actuators
Edge Motion Technology

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