10 Best Contemporary and Modern Art Museums to Visit in the U.S.

Art as a whole challenges us to see the world in a different way—through the artists’ eyes. For decades, artists have broken established boundaries to make a statement through truly thought-provoking works. The Clio invisible speaker was created with the same motivation. Bucking the trend of traditional black box speakers, the Clio may look different, but this speaker gives the user a truly unique sound experience. View full article →

How to Move to a Tiny Home

If you’ve ever looked around your home and felt weighted down by that junk drawer full of old receipts and rubber bands, or those boxes in basement storage, you can be assured you’re not alone.

The feeling of a too-cluttered life has driven many to follow the burgeoning idea of parting ways with material possessions and embracing a simpler life; in the form of a tiny home.

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How Musicians are Maximizing Use of Social Media

You’re a music artist. You have millions of fans, all gobbling up every bit of information about you they can lay their eyes on; seizing every opportunity to interact with you. Using social media to announce an album release, tour schedule or even what you had for breakfast isn’t just a nice way to connect with your following. View full article →

Taking Music up a Notch

Beethoven’s classical pieces are familiar to just about everyone – but how well do we really know them? Beethoven may have been trying to make disruptive sound with his tempo markings so his music wouldn’t feel familiar at all.

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Taking Control of Your Interior Décor

Digital technology has put the savvy and know-how for interior decorating squarely into your hands. View full article →

Disrupting the Senses

100 years ago, a disgruntled Paris audience flatly rejected a piece of music that today is a revered and oft-performed orchestral work. How does a piece of music go from instant rejection to lasting fame? View full article →

Get the Ultimate Man Cave

The man cave speaks volumes about the man who occupies it. Just like the interior of your home, your man cave is your personal space that reflects who you are and what you like, whether it be your college football team or the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. View full article →

How to Create a Great Outdoor Living Space

There’s so much to love about an outdoor living area. It creates a comfortable retreat in your own backyard and can take on a completely unique feel from your interior design.  View full article →

5 Emerging Technologies Every Home will Have in 2020

In-home technology is going way beyond our wildest imaginations. If they’re not yet available for homes, many of the latest emerging technologies are already being used in some capacity and will likely make their way into homes in no time at all. View full article →

Tips for Organizing Your Small Home or Apartment

Living in smaller spaces has inherent limitations, but a confluence of innovative design and creative thinking is creating unlimited options for those demanding a beautiful, functional and de-cluttered aesthetic.  View full article →
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