Glass Speakers: See Why Clear Sounds Beautiful

Glass Speakers are the Clear Choice for Any Room

Your next home speaker doesn't have to be an unsightly black box. ClearView® Audio has made it possible to get room-filling panoramic stereo sound from a glass speaker that matches your unique style.

And it all started with a vision ten years ago. We set out to release people from the limits of traditional speakers - black boxes, or speakers in different colors and shapes that visually compromise the aesthetic of a room. We envisioned a glass speaker that would disappear into any room or style; virtually unnoticeable except for the rich and clear stereo sound streaming from both sides of the speaker.

We realized our goal with the recent unveiling of Clio - a small, lightweight, and décor-friendly acrylic glass speaker that delivers room-filling panoramic sound and wireless Bluetooth® connectivity. Now, clear sounds beautiful with Clio. No other speaker can offer the same audio experience with the clutter-free ability to blend into any room's décor. 

Imagine a room in your home filled with beautiful sound, but not being able to see where the sound is coming from. Imagine freeing up space in that room by eliminating the clutter of traditional black box speakers or other large audio systems. Imagine not having to deal with the hassle of in-wall speakers, which are difficult to install and quickly become obsolete.

Clio solves these problems by leveraging a new innovation that paves the way for the first acrylic glass speaker. Our patented Edge Motion® technology uses a very different mechanical principle to generate sound from both sides of an ultra-thin, transparent, and gracefully curved acrylic glass speaker. Clio blends into any room while maintaining high-quality sound. Combine that with built-in wireless Bluetooth connectivity and an elegant design, and you have truly out of sight sound.