Transparent Speakers Provide Out of Sight Sound

Enjoy Beautiful Sound from Clio™ - the Transparent Speaker You Can Barely See

It’s no wonder why technology has evolved to make sound systems smaller, easier, and far more décor-friendly than the days of huge black box speakers and clunky music players. And the ClearView® Audio team is glad we’re moving toward a time when audio technology meets interior design! However, traditional speakers – despite being smaller - still compromise the aesthetic of a room. And expensive embedded in-wall speakers that are difficult to install and quickly become obsolete have remained the only choice for individuals looking to make the visual clutter disappear.

Until Now.

Our revolutionary transparent speaker ClioTM provides room-filling panoramic sound without the clutter of black boxes and the hassles of hidden speakers. Traditional speakers have always required a large box of air to produce high-quality sound, and rarely match the aesthetic of their environment despite the availability of more attractive designs and colors. Even with the development of hidden in-wall units, sound quality is compromised by the limited space. We’ve upended decades of traditional speaker development with our breakthrough transparent speaker because we believe that good design, innovative engineering, and advanced acoustic technology are key to the enjoyment of audio in the home.

Clio is a stylistic fit for any interior design because it disappears into the aesthetic of a room. Ten years in the making, our patented Edge Motion® technology uses a very different mechanical principle to generate sound. Instead of pushing from behind, like a traditional cone speaker, Edge Motion-driven speakers use piezo-electric actuators to stimulate the sides of an optically transparent acrylic glass stereo transducer to produce an extremely efficient, piston-like motion.

The result is Clio – the speaker with a thin, lightweight and nearly invisible transducer that produces rich, full sound from across the audio range, with built-in wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It’s a stylistic fit to any interior design.

We believe transparent speakers are the key to bringing beautiful sound to any home. Do you?

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