Best Bluetooth Wireless Speakers for your Home: Four Things to Look For

Finding the best Bluetooth wireless speakers to fill your home with beautiful sound shouldn't be a frustrating process, but with so many options out there, it can be fairly overwhelming. Here are 4 tips to help you clear through the clutter of today’s audio technology, and to make your choice for the best Bluetooth wireless speakers for your home an easy one. 

4 Tips for Purchasing the Best Bluetooth Wireless Speakers for Your Home

1. Room-Filling Stereo Sound

What good is a wireless Bluetooth speaker if it doesn't produce great sound? You don't want to be straining to hear your music when you leave the room, or turning the volume way up. The best Bluetooth wireless speakers should produce room-filling stereo sound so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy. Keep in mind that conventional "black box" speakers push sound waves in only a forward direction, limiting the space music will fill. Wouldn't you rather have a 360° sound experience throughout your home?

2. Décor-Friendly Aesthetics

Have you ever heard of “techorating”? Coined in 2008 as a concept for balancing home technology with interior décor, it brought a focus to the placement and look of home technology, like speakers. Aesthetics are rapidly becoming a common and almost necessary consideration when choosing wireless Bluetooth speakers for your home. There are myriad speaker options that blend in far better with decor than traditional box speakers. The best Bluetooth wireless speakers never compete with your home's interior design.

3. Good Vibes

A design-friendly speaker takes you one step further in enjoying your listening experience; wireless Bluetooth speakers that blend in with your interior decor translate to stress-free listening in your home. That's how it should always be! Combining good looks and great sound creates truly good vibes. Don't use bulky box speakers that can detract from a complete audio experience. Clear the clutter – and your mind – and get a wireless Bluetooth speaker for your home that delivers good vibes with great sound and decor-friendly aesthetic.

4. Convenience

Listening to great audio in your home shouldn't be cumbersome. It shouldn't require a tangle of wires and confusing connections. And your speakers should work seamlessly with the mobile devices that house your favorite music, movies, videos and games. Forget lugging large speakers into your home and spending hours hooking up wires or configuring devices. The best Bluetooth wireless speakers for your home are lightweight, simple to set up, and easily compatible with any mobile device. 

ClearView® Audio has taken the concepts of great sound, decor-friendly aesthetics, good vibes and convenience to a whole new level with Clio™ - the first invisible wireless Bluetooth speaker that offers room-filling panoramic sound that you can't see. However you choose to listen to music, you deserve a relaxing audio experience with great sound.