Clio™ Achieves Audio Award Hat Trick at CES 2014

The First Invisible Speaker Delivers Award-Winning Audio

ClearView® Audio couldn’t be more thrilled that Clio was one of most award-winning audio products at CES 2014. After years of working to turn our vision for an invisible speaker into a reality, we are honored to have made so many headlines and received so much recognition for our revolutionary clear speaker.

We designed Clio to produce rich, room-filling panoramic sound from a thin, curved piece of acrylic glass by using our patented Edge Motion® technology.

USA Today agreed with our “Clear Sounds Beautiful” mantra when they said that at this year’s CES event, “the most attractive product was the least visible.”

We walked away thankful that Clio was among the most award-winning audio products at a show full of innovative designs from the best minds in the industry. Here are the three awards we took home:

CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award in the Home Audio/Video Category

The CES Innovations Design and Engineering awards is an annual competition at the Consumer Electronics Show honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer electronics products. The ClearView Audio team is honored that we were recognized for the first-of-its-kind innovation behind Clio.

Engadget Best of CES in the Audio Category

The official awards of CES 2014 presented by Engadget. The Best Audio Product award recognizes the best in technology for overall audio enjoyment. ClearView Audio is proud to have won an award that featured competition from some of the biggest players in the audio industry.

CES Editor’s Choice Award chose the Editor’s Choice Award for CES 2014. Out of 3,000 exhibitors, they narrowed the list to the 46 best products, including Clio. David Kender of said home audio isn’t just about speaker performance but about how it integrates visually into the home.

“There’s some amazing engineering going on with that, and how they’re able to get so much sound out of a thin, acrylic plate sort of blew our minds,” Kender added.

What Others Said About Our Award-Winning Audio Product

We have long believed Clio would change the way people experience audio, but here is what others said about the game-changing nature of our award-winning audio product.

Reporting on ClearView Audio at CES, the Huffington Post said, “The most annoying thing about your current speakers is that you can see them.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we want to see “no more black boxes” become a reality.

The ClearView Audio Clio has also been recognized as part of a larger trend toward invisible technology.

“Conclusion: Invisible is in,” reports FastCompany.

We believe speakers should be heard and not seen. And delivering an award-winning audio product at CES 2014 makes it clear that we are not alone in that belief.

“For the ultimate minimalist, ClearView Clio is a new ultra-thin transparent glass speaker setup that blasts your pad with panoramic audio while disappearing into the aesthetic of whatever room it's in.”      -- Joe McCauley, Supercompressor

And while we are excited to take home awards, we are more passionate about delivering a new way of experiencing audio to sound and design lovers like you. Join us by experiencing Clio for yourself!

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