Home Audio Speaker Trends in 2014

Décor-Friendly Design, Simplicity and Beautiful Sound are the Home Audio Trends for 2014

Home audio speaker trends are undergoing a major shift. In 2011, a CNET blogger asked, “Are audiophiles the only ones who think speakers can be beautiful?” The idea may have been novel three years ago, but leading up to 2014, a growing desire for smaller, less obtrusive and designer home audio speakers has paved the way for the successful release of the ClearView® Audio ClioTM - the revolutionary invisible and décor-friendly speaker.

The Move toward Décor-Friendly Audio

Purchasing home audio speakers has long meant finding the space for large and cumbersome black boxes. Maintaining a flow of style in a living space has been nearly impossible. Decorators have offered advice on how to hide speakers – in entertainment cabinets, in walls and ceilings, in existing electronics or appliances – but these options are often expensive, difficult to install and quickly become obsolete. There is also the clutter of unsightly speaker wires. To answer that CNET blogger’s question, the ClearView Audio team thought speakers could – and should – be beautiful, and we’re thrilled to see consumers becoming more concerned with great sound and décor when looking to purchase a home audio speaker. Expect 2014 to be a turning point where people want beautiful sound without the visual clutter associated with traditional home audio systems.

Simple Connectivity without Compromising Sound is a Must

Today’s home audio shopper is looking for solutions that make it easy to enjoy exceptional sound quality from the music, movies and games stored on their wireless devices. And consumers want to be able to control their home audio wirelessly without a complicated installation.

The location of your speakers is also important for sound quality. You want big sound that fills the room; unfortunately, the best place to put your speaker to achieve optimal sound quality may not be where you want to – or can – put it.

Clio addresses all these issues by producing room-filling panoramic sound from an ultra-thin, transparent, and gracefully curved acrylic glass membrane. Unlike traditional cone speakers that push sound waves in one direction, Clio surrounds you with rich and clear stereo sound driven from both sides of the speaker. Place it anywhere and enjoy a 360° sound experience. And because Clio offers simple Bluetooth® connectivity, you have the freedom to place it just where you want it, and move it from one location to another, without the clutter of unsightly speaker wires.

Decorating with Technology

“Techorating” and “techcessories” are growing trends for people looking to mesh their home décor with their technology needs. Trendhunter has highlighted minimalist “techcessories” that help blend your technology right in with your aesthetic and style.

Going “invisible” is another trend in decorating, and Clio breaks new ground in invisible techorating. Trendhunter highlighted Clio as an emerging trend toward invisible sound systems and representing the opposite of traditional sound systems.

Clear, acrylic furniture is a home design trend for 2014 as well, and has been lauded for expanding an area, taking up less visual space and virtually disappearing into a living space.

Those are exactly the qualities ClearView Audio wanted to achieve with Clio. Why not finish off your living space with a home audio speaker that can be heard but not seen?