Home Office Technology and Décor

How to Blend Technology with Design in Your Home Office

Tech Trends for a Professional Home Office

You work there all day, so why should your home office be a dull, stiff place with no design aesthetic?

With the presence of bulky technology like your computer or printer, or dry office supplies like file drawers and binders that aren’t exactly décor-friendly, it’s easy to feel a little uncomfortable there.

Of course your home office should be professional and lend itself to productivity, but that can be accomplished in a way that is design-friendly and welcoming, even with all of those office supplies.

With a little ingenuity and updating, your home office can reflect your own unique aesthetic and style while being a place to get work done.

Make Your Technology Work for You

Just as many make it a point to design their kitchens with matching stainless steel appliances, the home office should be no exception.

Although most technology is offered in gray, black and white, you can customize your computer to fit the design of your home office. A transparent computer case is a great way to add style to a normally bland piece of technology.

You can also replace lamps or organizers with more modern versions that match your design and other items.

Think Smaller

Large technology components will make a small office space feel cluttered and cramped. When outfitting your office, consider swapping that bulky desktop computer for a thinner, sleeker version that takes up far less desk space.

Additional adjustments, such as using a wireless mouse and keyboard, also help improve the look of your home office by minimizing cord clutter, and they stow away easily when not in use.

Artfully placed shelving, decorative storage boxes, smaller items and clean lines, as seen in these home office examples, maximize your space and leave it looking clean and polished.

Hide it Away

Not everything you use in your home office has to be on display. Consider hiding away your printer and accessories inside a nice cabinet or other piece of furniture. Drawers can be used to store items you don’t need out like extra paper and ink, and you can take advantage of shelves for decorating that adds to the design aesthetic of your home office.

Use a desk with a built-in file drawer so you no longer need that outdated file cabinet. Or you can use a decorative file box, which looks nice on a bookshelf or can be stored in a drawer.

Go Clear

We are (obviously) big proponents of the trend toward clear or “invisible” home décor, and using clear furniture and technology is a great way to improve the look and feel of your home office.

Just like the clear computer cases that allow you to see all inner workings, clear furniture adds a trendy and stylish design element.

It also gives the impression of more space and creates a sleeker and more clutter-free work environment.

There are always small improvements you can make to create a home office environment that is inviting and comfortable – but still professional. We think it’s important to be able to mix your personal aesthetic and style with your technology, and to not feel bogged down by traditional designs.