How Wireless Speakers Can Reduce Clutter and Stress in Your Home

De-Clutter and De-Stress Your Home with a Wireless Speaker

That disorganized tangle of speaker wires on the floor in your home can almost take on a life of its own – it’s unsightly, unruly and unable to be tamed.

Cords – and the clutter that comes with them – are often thought of as a necessary evil if you want to bring great sounding audio into your home. Sure, you can try and hide them, but their mere presence may actually be adding stress to your life by affecting how your home looks and feels.

Enter: the wireless speaker.

Cut the Cord

Even if you have to plug it in, a wireless speaker allows you to control your music from anywhere in your home with your wireless device.

So that means no more cords connecting speakers to amps; no more running wires around your room to create surround sound.

In short, it’s a clutter-buster.

Wireless speakers can help streamline your living space, and as a result, reduce stress. And couldn’t we all use a little less stress in our lives? says, “…if there is a visible mess of wires and cords, things look unfinished and visually chaotic.”

Regardless of how organized your living space may be already, the benefits of reducing wires and other clutter from technology are far-reaching. 

Why Does Clutter Cause Stress?

If you’ve ever felt you couldn’t begin anything productive before first cleaning up that mess, you’ve experienced clutter-induced stress.

Clutter bombards us with unnecessary visual stimuli, distracts us, and creates feelings of anxiousness, guilt and frustration. It can also inhibit our ability to be creative or productive in our own homes.

But clutter is luckily something we can control as simply as reorganizing a shelf, getting rid of useless items, and swapping large, clunky technology for their more streamlined counterparts.

Simply clearing a space can give you a much-needed sense of peace.

Other Simple Solutions

While the best way to reduce cord clutter is, obviously, to get rid of the cords, upgrading your technology and going wireless is not always a possibility. Instead, consider these stopgap tips for reducing the visual clutter of speaker wires in your home that you can do right away:

  • Reduce cord length – Group your speakers and other technology in the same vicinity to minimize the distances your cords must travel.
  • Zip-tie cords together – Instead of letting cords roam free, use a zip-tie or similar attachment to keep them in the same place.
  • Label the cords – We’ve all experienced the red vs. yellow conundrum as we try to make sound and picture work simultaneously. Label those cords to save time and eliminate frustration.

We don’t think having a relaxing and stress-free environment in your home is asking too much – especially when you want to simply enjoy your music, movies and games.