Five Must-Have Interior Design Trends for 2014

Spruce Up Your Home with these Interior Design and Decorating Ideas

Looking to freshen up your interior design for spring? A slew of popular patterns, colors, fixtures and wood tones are dominating interior décor right now, and many are easy to incorporate into your home.

Here are some of the interior design styles we’re most excited about.

  1. Honey-toned wood. Dark woods like mahogany conjure up images of commanding desks flanked by a large black leather chair in home offices. Lighter woods like oak and walnut are more inviting and create a more spacious feel in a room. These woods can also easily be paired with light colors like pastels or light blues, greens and pinks.
  1. Deep Colors. Beige and gray have been “safe” colors for a long time – they make great base colors for more colorful accents. But times are changing. Now, home décor includes a mix of fun, loud, compatible colors like red and turquoise set against soft undertones.
  1. Smart homes.  Home automation used to be limited to a whole-house security system, but smart phones and tablets have changed the game. Now, homeowners can control everything from their thermostat and lighting to their door locks – from anywhere. Home automation systems are getting smarter, smaller and much more popular.
  1. Metallic accents. Silver, bronze, brass and chrome are making their way onto walls and ceilings everywhere as home accents trend toward more glamorous and elaborate décor. This trend is especially prominent in kitchen cabinetry and light fixtures.
  1. Non-matching prints. This season’s fabric patterns beg for creative mixing and matching. Pair bold-colored solids with metallics, stripes, chevrons and other prints. Don’t be afraid to experiment! You may be surprised how unified this design style can look.

These fresh interior decorating styles will leave your home feeling open, inviting and polished, and they certainly allow for a lot of creative license. The ClearView Audio team knows everyone decorates differently, which is why we’ve created a speaker that blends in with any interior décor. Give your home these must-have looks, and stop worrying about hard-to-hide speakers and wires, for a pain-free interior makeover.