Three Health Benefits of Listening to Music

Music Can Increase Focus, Reduce Stress and Improve Productivity

When Beethoven composed his Symphony No. 5, he likely didn’t know the profound impact classical music would have on people’s brains for centuries to come. Today, it’s no secret that music – especially classical music – is linked to mood. Many studies show it has a significant impact on the brain. In most cases, we react to music without even realizing it, and it can continue to direct our thought processes and behaviors throughout the day.

Here are a few things music can do for your brain:

Promote Focus and Attention

Researchers have found that music – primarily classical music and symphony orchestras – engages the part of the brain involved in paying attention. There is even a scientifically-developed web tool that uses instrumental music to help increase people’s attention spans by engaging the subconscious mind to help tune out distractions. So the next time you feel like you’re lacking focus, try some Bach or Mozart to bring you back.

Reduce Stress

Nagging thoughts and concerns may seem less important when your favorite song comes on the radio. This is the stress-relieving power of music in action. Music can lift your mood, and its effect on the subconscious helps reduce stress and quiet nerves. Classical music has been found to lower blood pressure, and slow the pulse and heart rate.

Increase Productivity

Music in the workplace has been shown to increase worker productivity and performance by improving people’s moods. According to a New York Times article, some managers are concerned that workers are disengaged or missing important interactions because of wearing headphones—but the opposite is actually true!

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