The Advantages of Using Clear Furniture for Your Interior Décor

Clear Furniture Adds Balance and Space to a Room

The table and chairs are there, but you can barely see them. Therein lies the beauty of clear furniture. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we think there are serious advantages to using clear furniture for your interior décor.

It Blends with any Modern Design Style

One huge benefit to using clear furniture is that it coordinates well with any modern interior design style. There is no need to worry about mismatched woods or pieces. Clear furniture blends right in with everything around it, allowing you to truly express yourself with your interior décor.

It Brings Balance to a Space

Interior Design Expert Brian Patrick Flynn says the point of clear furnishings is balance.

“See-through furniture is excellent for spaces where pattern, texture or color on walls, floors or major focal points are supposed to be the star. The transparency takes up zero visual weight, and there is a perfectly balanced look to the room as well as the intended functionality of the piece,” Flynn says.

We couldn’t agree more. Clear décor is visually calming and allows for other items or features to stand out without the visual interference of bulky pieces of furniture.

It Creates a Sharp, Modern Look

Clear furniture might not be for everyone, but depending on your decorating style, it may be the ultimate minimalist approach to furnishings. It can add a sleek, polished look to your interior design, and keep things bright and open as opposed to dark woods, bland colors or vibrant patterns that can become dated or distracting. You will get an instantly more modern and classy feel from the clean lines and unique look of clear furnishings. 

It Opens Up a Smaller Room

Clear furniture has the ability to make a room appear larger simply because it takes up less visual space. Lighter colors and textures always create the illusion of a larger or more open area, and clear furniture is no different. Even against a dark backdrop, clear furniture will give a more spacious feel to any room. This can be crucial for those looking to open up the aesthetic of smaller apartments.

We designed our ClearView® Audio ClioTM speaker using clear acrylic glass because we think it’s important your music doesn’t interfere with your décor. Like clear furniture, ClioTM is a stylistic fit for any interior design. When it comes to your speaker, or your furniture, we think the choice is clear.