Innovative Bluetooth Devices and Gadgets to Have in 2014

These Awesome Bluetooth® Innovations Kick Technology up a Notch

Bluetooth technology is showing up in some unlikely – but awesome – places.

Some of these innovative Bluetooth devices and gadgets are things you probably didn’t even know you needed, but now that they’re here, you won’t want to live without them.

Earlier this year, Engadget recognized our invisible Bluetooth speaker ClioTM at CES 2014 for its breakthrough design and great sound quality. Clio is just one of these many new innovations made better and easier with Bluetooth connectivity.

Check out these other innovative Bluetooth devices to have in 2014.

  • ADAPT Wireless Bluetooth Adapter. Hate dealing with wires? The ADAPT adapter by Outdoor Tech adds Bluetooth and microphone functionality to any device that has a 3.5mm audio jack. It’s quick to synch up, has volume and track controls, and a clip to fasten to your shirt or jacket.
    • Kolibree Toothbrush. This Bluetooth-powered electric toothbrush sends stats wirelessly to your smartphone about the quality of your brushing. It even gives children points for proper brushing. Dentists and users alike may be smiling more knowing those teeth are getting the attention they need.
  • ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset. Do you miss using a real handset when on the phone? ThinkGeek is bringing it back – but better. These retro handsets connect wirelessly to your cell phone for the classic telephone experience without those chronically tangled cords to contend with.
  • Keyless Home Entry Systems. Say goodbye to manually unlocking your front door. Several companies have created Bluetooth-powered home entry systems, like the Kevo lock, which turns your smartphone into your key and unlocks your door simply by touch as long as the phone is within range.
  • Wearable Fitness Trackers. There are a slew of wearable fitness devices that aim to help you get into shape by tracking your exercise, calorie intake and burn, heart rate and sleep habits. The bulk of these connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet so you can easily follow your stats and monitor your health/fitness on the go.

These awesome Bluetooth devices, along with the ClearView® Audio ClioTM invisible speaker, provide a better way to do everyday activities from opening your front door to listening to music. We think these are must-haves for the year.