Tips for Organizing Your Small Home or Apartment

Home Storage and Organization for Small Homes and Apartments

Living in smaller spaces has inherent limitations, but a confluence of innovative design and creative thinking is creating unlimited options for those demanding a beautiful, functional and de-cluttered aesthetic. Whether you live in a small home or apartment, there are countless ways to ensure you enjoy ample storage and inspiration in the home. If your reevaluating your décor and space, here are some tips that can help you organize and beautify homes that have small square footage but huge potential.

Choose Minimalist Furniture

Swap clunky, heavy wooden desks, tables and chairs for more modern, sleek and minimalist furnishings. Not only will these pieces take up less space and fit more nicely and compact together, but they will create an illusion of open space with their clean lines and slight design. Sculptured but simplistic, these Forma chairs from Restoration Hardware are a perfect example.

Be Clever about Your Storage

No room for a bookshelf? Place large books or photo albums decoratively underneath tables to occupy underutilized space while adding another element of visual interest to your décor. Side and coffee tables like this one from Pottery Barn have ample space underneath for your favorite literature.

Use Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are perfect for small spaces because they accommodate several guests with no trouble at all, and then clean up as though they were never even there. Whether nested or spread out, tables like these with an antique look and distressed-finish can be complementary but unimposing to your décor.

Decorate with Open Shelving

Creating built-in shelving within underutilized wall-space, or simply taking advantage of an existing bookcase, allows you to decorate with the items on display. Leaning shelving like this bookcase from Anthropologie brings its own element of design in addition to what’s on it.

Create an Office Nook

Transform a closet into a nook that can be used as an office or artistic space to free the room from obtrusive furniture. Go one step further and keep the closet doors in tact so you can hide away the area when it’s not in use. showcases beautiful examples of office nooks where you would least expect them.

No Closet? No Problem.

Small homes or apartments often have a lack of closet space. But there are several ways to create storage for your belongings without any clutter. A clothing rack, like this simple but elegant one from Restoration Hardware, will go a long way, and will add another dimension and organization to your room.

Embrace Your Ceiling

Not everything in your kitchen needs to be shut away in a cabinet. Consider a hanging pot rack to not only make these oft-used cooking tools very handy, but to free up cabinet space. Using hanging racks for your kitchen utensils, as shown with this Pottery Barn metal rack, can also add some visual flair to this important room.

Go Minimal with Your Entertainment System

Do you have a clunky home entertainment system taking up a large amount of space? Upgrade to smaller and more practical technology like the ClearView® Audio Clio – an invisible speaker that blends in with your décor. Move the focus off of black boxes and wires, and onto your personal style.


With some fairly easy adjustments, you can maximize the space in even the smallest of homes and studio apartments. Take a closer look at underutilized areas and put them to work!