How to Create a Great Outdoor Living Space

10 Tips for Bringing Your Living Room Outdoors

There’s so much to love about an outdoor living area. It creates a comfortable retreat in your own backyard and can take on a completely unique feel from your interior design. Transforming an outdoor space into a living area adds an entirely new dimension to your home, and allows you to truly enjoy what nature has to offer just outside your door.  

Besides your personal touch, there are a few essentials for creating a beautiful but functional outdoor space that can serve as a perfect spot for entertaining or for simply relaxing after a long day. Take a look at what we recommend.

  1. Weather-Friendly Furniture. Your outdoor space is going to be exposed to weather regardless of where you live, but you can use mildew- and mold-resistant fabrics and select furniture with rust-resistant or sturdy aluminum frames.


  1. Rugs and Decorative Items. Bring the indoors out with lamps, tables and potted plants and decorative throw pillows. Select light fabrics and woods, and use pieces that blend the comforts of the indoors with the relaxed outdoor feel.


  1. Soft Lighting. Decorative and cleverly-hung lighting can create a calming and welcoming atmosphere in any outdoor space after-hours. It will really set the mood during a social gathering or a more intimate setting.


  1. Fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces are quite elegant and decorative, as well as a very important component of any outdoor living area. They’ll add a cozy and comfortable element to the space.


  1. Use Greens to Decorate. If you have a pergola, consider growing a climbing vine to add protection from the sun and rain, as well as a great visual element.


  1. Kitchen Area. A great outdoor living space will emulate your indoors right down to the nearby kitchen. With a setup like this one featured on, you can effortlessly host parties or dinner gatherings with everything right where you need it.


  1. Fountains and Art. Complement the design and feel of your outdoor space with the calming trickle of a fountain, or hang art on available wall space.


  1. Flowers and Colorful Pieces. Especially for smaller outdoor spaces, bright colors can go a long way. Decorate with flowers and other colorful garden or outdoor pieces that attract the eye and bring the space to life.


  1. Add Privacy. If your neighbors are close, putting up latticework or a privacy screen may be a must for a truly comfortable space. Go one step further and grow climbing flowers that will bloom through the latticework for additional style and décor.


  1. Add Music. Having music playing while you relax in your outdoor living area is a perfect way to really get away from it all. You can install in-ceiling or in-wall speakers depending on the space, or simply take your music outside with you using a portable Bluetooth speaker like the décor-friendly Clio. 

Creating a living space outdoors can be as simple as sprucing up a basic patio or infrequently-used deck with any of these suggestions. Adding an element of style and design will turn any outdoor area into your own personal backyard getaway.