Get the Ultimate Man Cave

6 Must-Haves to Create Your Ultimate Man Cave

The man cave speaks volumes about the man who occupies it. Just like the interior of your home, your man cave is your personal space that reflects who you are and what you like, whether it be your college football team or the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. Your man cave is your retreat from the stress of work and life; a very cool and high-tech hangout that exudes your unique style. If you’re creating a man cave or looking to give yours a fresh look, here are some tips to make yours the envy of all your friends.

Give it Everything You Need

Food? Check. Cold drinks? Check. Bathroom? Check. Your ultimate man cave has everything you need all in one place, just like this one featured on HGTV that has a full bar and eating area along with a comfortable place to relax and watch TV.

Have a Large Television Screen

There’s no better way to watch the game than in the stadium, but if you can’t do that, the next best option is watching the game on a huge screen in your man cave. This example featured on BusinessInsider would put viewers right in the middle of the action.

Have Plenty of Comfortable Seating

Even if you can’t pull off a full-scale theatre setup complete with recliners and a movie-screen-sized television, a viewing area with copious chairs to accommodate everyone comfortably is all you and your friends really need to recline and relax in style.

Make Room for Game Tables

Enjoy a little friendly competition and master your skills with a pool or foosball table while the game or your favorite movie is on in the background. Table games are an essential part of the man cave to help make it the ultimate hang out.

Bring in Arcade Games

Bring old-school gaming into your man cave with classic arcade games, which not only add to the overall décor of your space, but—if they’re in working order—provide some great entertainment.

Give it Your Personal Touch

No man cave is complete without showing off your interests and personal style, much like with this example shown on Electronic House that features a vast collection of sci-fi characters and memorabilia.

The man cave provides a way to get away without leaving your home. Take the opportunity to design it in the best way that reflects you and your personal style. If you’re looking for a great way to have room-filling panoramic sound without compromising the unique décor of your man cave, take a look at our invisible Clio speaker.