How Musicians are Maximizing Use of Social Media

5 Music Artists that are Social Media Masters

You’re a music artist. You have millions of fans, all gobbling up every bit of information about you they can lay their eyes on; seizing every opportunity to interact with you. Using social media to announce an album release, tour schedule or even what you had for breakfast isn’t just a nice way to connect with your following.

It’s a brilliant marketing move for your music career.

Read on to learn how artists are using social media to skyrocket their music careers and albums to fame.

How Artists are Using Social Media for Inventive Album Release Strategies

Taylor Swift is able to create a deafening buzz around her album launches, specifically because of how she uses social media to make the announcement. While she brilliantly executes this strategy, she’s one in a growing number of musicians, from Beyoncé to Weird Al Yankovic, who are doing the same. And this strategy goes beyond just announcing an album—it creates a more personal relationship with artists for the fans.

Swift built anticipation for her latest album, 1989, by posting teases to her Instagram account, finally announcing its release on a talk show-style Yahoo! livestream more than two months before the album was scheduled to drop. She also posted the video for the album’s first single "Shake It Off" a few days later on the online music service Vevo.

Beyonce is perhaps one of the true music artist masters of social media—she released her self-titled album on iTunes in December 2013 with absolutely no advance warning, a strategy so unique that it drew as much, if not more, attention than the album itself.

Snoop Dogg decided to transform his identity to become Snoop Lion, and he didn't leave his fans out of the loop for one second. The rap superstar utilized numerous social media platforms to give fans exclusive insight into the making of his new album, Reincarnated, hosting live news shows and Q&A sessions on social networks like Reddit, YouTube and Twitter.

Weird Al Yankovic succeeded in making his latest album, Mandatory Fun, the #1 album of his 30-year career by collaborating with top publications, celebrities and comics to produce eight different music videos to introduce the album’s concept. He released each video over an eight-day period, using the hashtag #8videos8days so fans wouldn’t miss a single release.

One Direction hosted an entire social media campaign called 1D Day, a 7-hour global livestream featuring the group and various guests that fans could watch on Google+ and YouTube. Plus, the band only made the stream available for 3 days, so fans rushed to watch. It served as a wildly inventive promo for the band’s new album Midnight Memories, which dropped two days later.

Social media has opened up a huge opportunity in the music industry for artists to connect with their fans in very real, unique, and effective way. With all the social platforms out there, we will no doubt see many more inventive strategies from artists to announce their albums and singles, and keep fans engaged.

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