Taking Control of Your Interior Décor

Digital technology has put the savvy and know-how for interior decorating squarely into your hands. View full article →

Get the Ultimate Man Cave

The man cave speaks volumes about the man who occupies it. Just like the interior of your home, your man cave is your personal space that reflects who you are and what you like, whether it be your college football team or the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. View full article →

5 Emerging Technologies Every Home will Have in 2020

In-home technology is going way beyond our wildest imaginations. If they’re not yet available for homes, many of the latest emerging technologies are already being used in some capacity and will likely make their way into homes in no time at all. View full article →

Are Curved Screens the Future of Electronics?

Curved screens are like the 21st Century version of the science Leonardo da Vinci employed when painting his Mona Lisa – you can see the same picture from all angles. View full article →

Innovative Bluetooth Devices and Gadgets to Have in 2014

Bluetooth technology is showing up in some unlikely – but awesome – places. Some of these innovative Bluetooth devices and gadgets are things you probably didn’t even know you needed, but now that they’re here, you won’t want to live without them. View full article →

5 Trends in Smart Home Technology

We’ve all left the house and suddenly remembered – too late – that the coffee maker is still on, or the garage door was never closed. Then, worry sets in that the doors are unlocked and the heat is still on. Well, smart homes are breaking that cycle.

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