Are Curved Screens the Future of Electronics?

Curved screens are like the 21st Century version of the science Leonardo da Vinci employed when painting his Mona Lisa – you can see the same picture from all angles. View full article →

Innovative Bluetooth Devices and Gadgets to Have in 2014

Bluetooth technology is showing up in some unlikely – but awesome – places. Some of these innovative Bluetooth devices and gadgets are things you probably didn’t even know you needed, but now that they’re here, you won’t want to live without them. View full article →

The Advantages of Using Clear Furniture for Your Interior Décor

The table and chairs are there, but you can barely see them. Therein lies the beauty of clear furniture. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we think there are serious advantages to using clear furniture for your interior décor. View full article →

Three Health Benefits of Listening to Music

It’s no secret that music – especially classical music – is linked to mood. Studies show it has a significant impact on the brain. In most cases, we react to music without even realizing it, and it can continue to direct our thought processes and behaviors throughout the day. View full article →

Five Must-Have Interior Design Trends for 2014

Looking to freshen up your interior design for spring? A slew of popular patterns, colors, fixtures and wood tones are dominating interior décor right now, and many are easy to incorporate into your home. View full article →

5 Trends in Smart Home Technology

We’ve all left the house and suddenly remembered – too late – that the coffee maker is still on, or the garage door was never closed. Then, worry sets in that the doors are unlocked and the heat is still on. Well, smart homes are breaking that cycle.

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How Wireless Speakers Can Reduce Clutter and Stress in Your Home

Cords – and the clutter that comes with them – are often thought of as a necessary evil if you want to bring great sounding audio into your home. Sure, you can try and hide them, but their mere presence may actually be adding stress to your life by affecting how your home looks and feels. View full article →

Home Office Technology and Décor

Of course your home office should be professional and lend itself to productivity, but that can be accomplished in a way that is design-friendly and welcoming, even with all of those office supplies. View full article →

Home Audio Speaker Trends in 2014

Purchasing home audio speakers has long meant finding the space for large and cumbersome black boxes. Maintaining a flow of style in a living space has been nearly impossible. But now, home audio speaker trends are undergoing a major shift. Expect 2014 to be a turning point, where people want beautiful sound without the visual clutter associated with traditional home audio systems.
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How to Hide Your Audio Speakers

You put the finishing touches on your room’s design, take a step back, and then you see it – the box speaker you just can’t seem to hide. Well, you no longer have to choose between your music and your décor.
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