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Product Details:

  • Height: 9-1/4" / 23.5 cm | Width: 12-5/8" / 32.1 cm | Depth: 3-3/4" / 9.5 cm
  • Input: 100-240V 50-60 Hz 0.75A
  • Output: 24V 1000mA 24w
  • Compatible with Bluetooth® 4.0 devices
  • DC power input
CES Innovations Award

Clio Wins CES Innovations Award

An annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering.

Clio Wins Engadget Best of CES2014 Award!

Clio is awarded Best Audio Product of CES2014 by Engadget!

CES Editors Choice Award

Clio Wins Editors' Choice Award

Clio is recognized with's CES 2014 Editors' Choice Award!



"Its near-invisible design is classy, and the speaker's tech allows sound waves to disperse evenly across a room."

- Sarah Silbert, Engadget / Best of CES2014 Award

"Clear, razor-thin speakers produce good vibrations"

- / CES Editors' Choice Award

"...there’s some amazing engineering going on in that..."

-David Kender, / CES Editors' Choice Award


"The speaker is rather impressive...with sound that's capable of filling an entire room."

- Raymond Wong, Dvice

"There are two actuators creating a true stereo signal and Clio produced a surprising amount of bass for its sleek form factor, but really shined with great vocal clarity and detail."

- Sound & Vision

"Because of its innovative acoustic design, Clio can be placed anywhere and produce rich, clear, room-filling sound. Clio's sleek, minimalistic design allows the barely visible speaker to 'disappear' against its surroundings."

- Desire This


"We recently had a chance to hear the Clio for ourselves at CES, and can attest to the fact that its sound quality is indeed superb. Additionally, its design definitely does allow it to pump sound over a wider area than a traditional cone speaker, which more just projects sound forward."

- Ben Coxworth, GizMag

"Finally, a wireless speaker that sounds really good. I am impressed."

— Nolan Gasser, Chief Musicologist, Pandora Media Inc. and architect of the Music Genome Project

"...the glass speaker produced excellent sound..."

- Detroit News