Heating & Cooling Repair Work

Are you in need of one of the best HVAC Repair companies Wilmington NC has to offer?

Right now there are several people searching for the best HVAC repair companies in Wilmington NC.  When I say a lot of people I mean several hundred if not thousands of residents and business owners with damaged air conditioning and heating units. Most of these have both water and physical damage.  Many commercial buildings even have mold growing in their central air systems from where the water leaked in during the storm.

This is a situation that has to be dealt with very delicately.  These business owners cannot reopen until the building is a 100% mold free.  So not only are they suffering from heating and cooling problems they also have many general contracting problems to face as well.  Many rooftops were completely blown off or damaged destroying AC air ducts.  So there is a good chance the entire roof will have to be rebuilt and the entire AC and heating system will have to be reinstalled.

So if you are among one of these individuals please be patient with the contractors that are trying to help.  Every single company in your area is truly doing their best.  They are all just so overwhelmed at the moment and doing their best to keep afloat.

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2 thoughts on “Heating & Cooling Repair Work

  1. Not only is every HVAC company in the Wilmington area busy, but companies from across the entire state are also slammed because of flood damage. I have never seen anything like this before.

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