Hurricane Florence Heating & Air Damage

Were your heating and cooling system damaged by the storm?

There are a whole lot of North Carolina commercial HVAC companies that are extremely busy right now.  This is due to all of the air conditioning and heating units being damaged or even destroyed during the recent hurricane.  Just about every business in the Wilmington area is without power and has no working central air system for their business.  This is making it extremely difficult for the business to reopen their doors because believe it or not your heating and cooling system does a lot more than just keep you warm and cool.

The AC and heat pump system in your building helps control the climate of your business and ensures the comfort of your customers.  Not only does it ensure your employees and customers comfort, but it also helps prevent mold and other dangerous bacteria from forming in your building.

With just about every business on the NC shore without power at this very moment, every single heating and air company is fully booked.  This means if you have not already gotten your company’s name on the waiting list it may be a few weeks if not even a month before a contractor may be able to get to you.

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2 thoughts on “Hurricane Florence Heating & Air Damage

  1. If you have the money to pay these HVAC companies with cash or even credit many of them will bump you up the waiting list. Most companies do not like waiting on the insurance money, they would rather get the money right away.

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