The Top 8 Vehicles For Sale That Run In Snow

Do you know what the Best SUVs & Crossovers For Sale are?

Let’s talk about the best and most powerful cars for snow and how that can help you save time in the ditch. Time is essence before going to work and finding a foot of fresh snow in your driveway. This is a warning on the road conditions that will apply to the rest of your journey. Do you want to prepare for the snow this winter? Looking to find SUVs for sale Columbia SC dealers will be a great move and don’t forget, this article is for you.

The Best SUVs and certified pre-owned cars for the winter do have some of the following features in common:

– Drive well in snowy roads

– They are reliable

– They are purchased having the highest and safest scores ever

– Their heating and air conditioning is fully functional(necessary for defrosting)

– Their features are a comfort

– Have winter tires or all-weather

-Alloy Wheels

-Navigation System

-Leather Seats

-Transmission Automatic color silver & color black

Although you can’t find a car having all the above features, it will definitely have some for your snow drive. Below are the top 8 vehicles for sale that run in snow and can be found almost everywhere on the market today.

1. Audi A4

Although it doesn’t come with AWD like other choices in the list, Audi A4 Quattro option makes remarkable. Its front wheel drive, outstanding safety scores and being a four-cylinder engine automotive makes it remarkably stable. Consider this luxury small car for your trip.

2. Subaru Outback

Almost all Subaru Outback have this standard feature (AWD) therefore hard to find one without. That is why it is in SUVs category but not sedans. Subaru Outback promises longevity and reliability, higher ground clearance and right winter set of tires. Other great options are Subaru Forester and others if you looking for a slightly larger alternative.

3. Cross Country Volvo V9

V90 is Volvo’s newest model hence rated and mostly used winter car in the market. Apart from having in both rows heated seats, it is AWD standardized and a higher height in a ride.

4. Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V, like the likes of other automotive, comes without the AWD option, but the feature can be added because of its affordability in its base model. The new model comes with additional comfort and safety features, responsive handling and a powerful engine. Driving in CR-V, during the wintry season or any other season is a great experience because it is capable of breaking a bank without skidding off.

5. Chevrolet Equinox

Its redesign made waves this year having added capabilities and features than ever before. The improved features for winter handling are optional AWD, pre-heating remote starter and four-cylinder engines which is double turbocharged, and you can even break a bank at comfort without skidding off.

For more information and suggestions on the best upcoming SUVs and Crossovers, watch the following video.

6. Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion is a mid-sized automotive which is safe, has great pricing, and reliable. It has an affordable base price, therefore, the AWD feature is optional. It also comes with balanced, predictable handling, optional steering wheel, and heated front seats. Securing this automotive is a remarkable choice for an affordable, mid-sized sedan for winters.

7. Jeep Renegade

Jeeps are fantastic in winter and their off-road capabilities make them unique, and can also do well in other seasons, too. It comes with AWD option, fronts seats having heat option and two four-cylinder engines which are also optional. It has a lot of optional cold-weather friendly features and getting a one at monthly installments is easy due to its affordable base price. The best thing about the Jeep brand is that the description used in 2016 jeep safety features is the same description used in 2011, the same description used in 2014, the same description used in 2015. The tells us the safety vehicle history of this particular brand is extremely good!

8. Tesla Model S

In terms of easy handling and safe drive in the winter, Tesla Model S is the best. It being an Uber luxury car, its race for the price is also remarkable. It has optional AWD (RWD is standard), exceptional and responsive handling, its acceleration is excellent and also an affordable base model, therefore, making it a best-rated winter car while on the road. Saving some bucks for Tesla Model S is the best decision you can ever make this year.

When looking for great SUV and cars for snow, the above list is a great start so as to ease your journey, make sure you find a vehicle that matched your search criteria. Remember that securing yourself an insurance from an independent company can help when you struggling to attain a coverage that will cater for risks you may face because firms which are independent caters for consumers and not companies offering insurance services. For a great and safe ride, secure yourself a winter-ready car and a reputable insurance cover.

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