Worst Time For A Broken HVAC System

1 reason your HVAC repairs have to wait

All of the best AC repair Wilmington NC companies are completely booked right now.  Many companies are not even taking on any more customers until they can just get a little bit caught up.  This is mostly due to the most recent storm that swept through this entire area.  The one thing everyone must understand is that all of the air conditioning and heating contractors in this area were already extremely busy.  Now, they are getting all of these emergency repair calls on top of all of the other calls that they have already received.

This is why if you have not already booked a spot for a commercial or residential heating and air company to come and take a look at your system you may be in trouble.  The odds of a contractor coming to take a look within the next month is most likely not going to happen.  Just about every company is calling companies from other states asking for help.  They are doing this because of the enormous amount of work they have to complete.  So, if your HVAC system is indeed broken you need to prepare yourself to wait for the repair work.

One thought on “Worst Time For A Broken HVAC System

  1. Tyler Alexander

    A lot of HVAC repair companies are really behind in the Wilmington area. They are all doing their best but there is so much damage I fear it will be awhile before they can get completely caught up.

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